3D Epoxy Flooring in Bangladesh

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The 3D technology is gaining increasing quality. Epoxy 3D floor has been used a lot of and a lot of in looking malls, halls, offices, homes and residences thanks to its creativeness and high performance. This is often the newest fashion within the fancy floor world.

The epoxy 3D floor installation method involves giving birth down a layer of self-leveling primer followed by the required image. This is often then treated with a clear two-component epoxy or polyurethane to present the proper image depth. Level of protecting varnish is the final step.

Not sort of a sticker or painted vinyl that's directly beneath your feet, the put-in epoxy 3D floor offers the perception of depth and is soundproof to any or all types of harm that will sometimes have an effect on floor decorations.

How to Install 3D Epoxy Flooring?

Installation of Epoxy 3D floor murals needs a great deal of expertise and doesn't tolerate even the slightest error that the most suitable choice would be to rent knowledgeable contractor. Advance Industrial Coatings has in-depth experiences putting in epoxy/polyurethane floors.
But if you're an awfully handy person and would really like to put in the 3D floor style by yourself, you'll follow the subsequent installation steps:
* Test the block for wetness and vapor emissions. Wetness will cause adhesive failures, promote mildew, mildew growth and end in curling or effervescent.
* Fully prepare the substrate surface. Use diamond grinding tools or sanding tools to prepare the complete concrete floor. Patch as required thus there have been no cracks, no bevels and therefore the entire surface should be utterly swish. Check that to hide and tape the encircling space.
* Auto scrub and vacuum the ground to fully clean the surface. There shouldn't be even the tiniest mud.
* Check the wetness. It's necessary that wetness throughout the world doesn't exceed four-dimensional, otherwise, in an exceedingly week or 2 the attractive recently put in floor can peel off.
* Apply the self-leveling epoxy primer.
* Install the 3D floor mural. If the premise of the pattern chosen is 3D floor mural, check that bonding to the substrate was obscurity folds or creases.
* Install a pair of layers of clear epoxy or a lot of usually, polyurethane to make a clear layer of epoxy coating over the 3D floor mural. This layer can offer the required perception of depth furthermore because of the protection of the 3D floor mural. Such a layer ought to be put in with even a lot of attention to detail and therefore a lot of care. All speck of mud, hairs, etc. have to be compelled to be removed.
* If necessary, apply a high coat protecting sealer.

How Much 3D Epoxy Flooring cost?

The installation of 3D epoxy flooring may be a sophisticated and drawn-out method and frequently takes 3-7 days.
The 3D epoxy flooring worth depends on several factors like substrate condition, total sq. footage and system quality etc. the sturdiness and lifetime are 2 major factors to work out 3D epoxy flooring worth. High-grade epoxy floor materials would be costlier.
On average, 3D epoxy flooring installation prices 400 taka to 500 taka per square feet. A sophisticated style would force a lot of work and a better value of installation. The smaller the world of the ground, the costlier the value is.

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  • High scratch and impact resistance
  • Chemical and heat resistance
  • Durable, Tough Impervious
  • Ensures Complete Satisfaction
  • High gloss, appealing finish
  • High-Temperature Resistant
  • High-Abrasion Resistant
  • Impact and Pressure Resistant
  • Attractive, bright color options
  • Slip Resistant Easy to Clean
Area of Usage
  • Public and administrative buildings
  • Stairs, corridors, playgrounds
  • Car showrooms, garages, parking lots
  • Shopping malls, shops, boutiques, offices
  • Hotel, Kitchen & Cafeteri
  • Laboratories, clinics, hospitals, medical centers
  • Schools, kindergartens and institutions
  • Town houses, vllas, apartments, private houses
  • Exhibition halls, theaters, galleries, museums
  • Warehouses & Stores
  • Pools and much more

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