Fair Face Plaster in Bangladesh

Modern architecture is unimaginable without fair-faced concrete. For decades priority was given to the unique load-bearing properties and unrivaled cost/performance ratio as a structural building material. It is only in recent years that the marvelous design versatility and the creation of many different finishes have also come to the fore. Falcon Solution Ltd providing the best service for Fair face plaster in Bangladesh as the best applicator as well as a contractor with affordable prices. We are also providing the best service for Epoxy flooring, floor hardener, Vinyl flooring, Polished concrete, Waterproofing in Bangladesh, and PU flooring in Bangladesh.

Natural texture of concrete itself and therefore the nature state shaped by fastidiously designed apparent seam, Zen seam and split bolt hole because of the manifestation of the ornamental surface. As its surface is swish, profile clear, color uniform, transition natural, it owes abundant beauty once employed in the building facade decoration.

By mistreatment fair-faced concrete, there's no decoration method as coating, putty, and coating once concrete shaped. It uses the natural texture of concrete surfaces as an ornamental surface compared with traditional concrete projects. Therefore it's blessings like reducing the development method, shortening the development amount and reducing the incidence of quality issues, the hazards and project price.

As fair-faced concrete will avoid the common quality faults of ancient external wall decoration, cut back the waste of resources, their area unit several mature applications in America, Europe, Japan, and alternative developed countries within the twentieth century. In China, there are a unit some applications in municipal and public constructions, however, it's still rare in buildings of huge space fair-faced concrete, especially in high-rise buildings.

Features and Benefits
  • Improves adhesion, working time and durability of cement and gypsum based plaster to the surface such as brute concrete, wall, ceilings
  • Water based, odorless and safely used in interiors
  • Prevents quick water loss of concrete which applied on highly absorbent surfaces
Area of Usage
  • Interior areas for horizontal, vertical and ceiling applications.
  • Used as primer on ceiling plasters
  • Apply to brute concrete surface before cement and gypsum based plaster applications
  • Used for improving adhesion, working time and workability to plasters

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Fair Face Plaster Fair Face Plaster Fair Face Plaster Fair Face Plaster Fair Face Plaster Fair Face Plaster Fair Face Plaster Fair Face Plaster Fair Face Plaster Fair Face Plaster Fair Face Plaster Fair Face Plaster